Latest Update: Jan 21 2020

Here is what I currently have available for Ball Pythons.

The 2019 Ball Python birthing record is up to date. 2019 Birthing Record


1.1 Dreamsicle $3000/Male, $4000/Female

2.2 Lavender Het Pied $500/Male, $1000/Female

2.0 Banana Mahogany Pied Het Lavender $2000/Male
1.0 Pied Het Lavender $500/Male, $750/Female

1.0 Banana Mahogany Pied HRA $2000/Male

1.0 Banana Mahogany DH Lavender/Pied $1000/Male
0.1 Pin HRA DH Lavender/Pied $500/Female
0.2 HRA DH Lavender/Pied $350/Female
1.0 Banana Mahogany Het Pied $750/Male

5.0 Bamboo Pied $500/Male
0.1 Bamboo DH OG/Pied $500/Female

1.0 Pastel Puzzle PH Pied $3500/Male
0.1 Puzzle PH Pied $5000/Female
0.1 Pastel Puzzle PH Lavender $4500/Female
1.0 Puzzle PH Lavender $2500/Male

0.1 Pastel Pied Pos Het Puzzle $2000/Female

1.0 POG HRA DH GS/Puzzle $500/Male
2.0 Pastel HRA TH OG/GS/Puzzle $250/Male

1.0 Pastel Lesser DH Puzzle/Genetic Stripe $250/Male
2.0 Super Pastel DH Puzzle/Genetic Stripe $250/Male
0.3 Pastel DH Puzzle/Genetic Stripe $1500/Female (female only sold with a male)

1.0 SPOGL RA Het Puzzle $1000/Male
0.1 Pastel HRA DH OG/Puzzle $750/Female

2.0 Pastel Phantom Het Puzzle $650/Male

1.0 Lesser Lavender PH Puzzle $1000/Male
1.0 Pastel Lavender PH Puzzle $1000/Male
1.0 Lavender PH Puzzle $750/Male

0.1 Orange Ghost Bamboo HRA $500/Female
0.1 Pastel Bamboo HRA PHOG $350/Female

1.0 Cyprus DH OG/GS $500/Male

2.0 Bongo DH OG/GS $500/Male
1.0 Bongo HOG $400/Male

2.0 Rio $650/Male

2.0 Pastel Arroyo YB $350/Male
1.1 Arroyo YB $250/Male, $350/Female

1.0 GHI Chocolate YB HRA $350/Male

1.0 Lesser GHI HRA YB $350/Male

1.1 Pastel GHI Het Albino $250/Male, $350/Female

2.0 Pastel GHI HRA HGS $350/Male

0.3 Pastel Lavender Genetic Stripe $650/Female
1.3 Lavender Genetic Stripe $400/Male, $500/Female
0.2 Pastel Lavender Het Genetic Stripe $350/Female
0.2 Lavender Het Genetic Stripe $250/Female

2.0 Lesser Mahogany Sugar HRA Het Genetic Stripe $350/Male

1.0 Candy HRA PHGS $500/Male
2.0 Pastel Candy $500/Male
3.0 Candy $350/Male

0.1 Pastel Candino $450/Female
0.5 Candino $350/Female
0.4 Toffino HRA $450/Female

1.0 Cyprus Het Candy $750/Male

0.4 Albino Mahogany $300/Male, $350/Female
0.2 Albino RA $300/Female

0.1 Albino Puma $1000/Female
0.1 Albino Spark HRA $500/Female

1.0 Puma Het Albino $350/Male

1.0 Pastel Het “New” Pos Het Pied $500/Male

1.0 Pastel Asphalt Gravel $4000/Male
0.1 Pastel Super Asphalt PHOG $4000/Female

1.0 Lemon Blast Asphalt PHOG $500/Male
2.1 Lesser Asphalt HRA Het Genetic Stripe $500/Male, $1000/Female
1.0 Asphalt HRA Het Genetic Stripe $350/Male

1.0 Lemon Blast Gravel Het Orange Ghost PH Pied $650/Male
0.1 Lemon Blast Gravel HRA $500/Female
0.1 Super Pastel Gravel HRA $500/Female

1.0 Pastel Banana Mahogany Freeway $2000/Male

1.0 Pastel Lesser Champagne Asphalt Spark $750/Male
1.0 Pastel Champagne Asphalt Spark $600/Male
1.0 Pastel Asphalt Spark $2000/Male
1.0 Asphalt Spark $1500/Male

1.0 Pastel Gravel Spark $2000/Male

0.1 Super Spark POG HRA (White Snake) $500/Female
0.1 Super Spark Pastel Het Genetic Stripe $500/Female

0.1 Pastel Lesser GHI Puma $650/Female

0.1 Super Pastel Red Axanthic Spark PHGS $350/Female

2.1 Gravel Pied PHOG $2000/male, $3500/Female
1.0 POG Gravel PH Pied $500/Male
0.2 Pastel Gravel PDH OG/Pied $350/Female

1.0 POG Highway Pos Het Pied $1500/Male

2.0 Pastel Super Phantom Het Orange Ghost $650/Male
1.1 Super Phantom HRA HOG $500/Male, $1000/Female
2.2 Pastel Super Phantom $650/Male, $900/Female
2.2 Super Phantom HRA $500/Male, $750/Female
1.0 Super Phantom $400/Male

1.0 Lavender Phantom HRA $500/Male
1.0 Lavender Phantom $400/Male

1.0 Super Chocolate Pin HRA PHOG $750/Male
1.0 Super Chocolate HRA $500/Male

1.0 Lemon Blast Orange Ghost Chocolate HRA $500/Male

1.0 Banana Suma HRA $1500/Male
3.0 Albino Suma $1500/Male
0.2 Suma Het Albino $1500/Female

1.0 Banana RA Mahogany $650/Male

0.1 Mahogany Pin HRA Spark $500/Female

1.0 LOG Mahogany RA $1000/Male
1.0 POG Mahogany RA $750/Male
1.0 LOG Mahogany HRA $500/Male
0.1 RA Mahogany HOG $750/Female

1.0 Pastel Cyprus Gravel or YB $750/Male

3 White Snake $350/Each
0.1 Pastel Pied HRA $450/Male, $650/Female
0.1 Pied HRA $500/Female
1.2 Granite $250/Male, $350/Female

2018 Females

0.1 SPOG Champagne Puzzle $4000/Female

0.1 Pastel Gravel Het Pied $2000/Female

0.1 Mahogany Pied $3000/Female

0.2 Banded HRA $250/Female

Breeder Size Males

POG Pied HRA 1/15 $750
Pastel Bamboo HRA Het Pied 1/17 $350
SPOG HRA YB Het Pied 1/17 $350
Gold Stripe Het Pied 4/13 $500

Pastel Lesser Mahogany Sugar 1/16 $350
Lesser Mahogany Sugar 1/16 $250

Pastel Bamboo YB 1/18 $350
Pastel Bamboo HRA Het Green Ghost 3/18 $350

Banana Lesser Red Axanthic Genetic Stripe 1/17 $500

SPRA DM Vanishing Pattern 1/14 $1000
Pastel Onyx DM Vanishing 1/18 $750

Breeder Size Females (Ready to ship once they have laid eggs)

Sold Out For The Season. New Stock Listed June 2020.

Currently available Central American Boas


1.2 BlackBerry (Leopard Motley) $1500/Male, $1500/Female


1.0 BlackBerry (Leopard Motley) $1500/Male


0.1 Hypo Leopard PH T+ $750/each

Adult Males

Anery Het T+ 2/11 $50
T+ Super Motley 2/13 $100

Currently available Turtles

0.0.1 Three Stripe Mud Turtle (Kinosternon baurii) $250/Each

Payment plans available. Minimum $1000 deposit or 50% of order.

Email or Call 519-824-7377 for more information.

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