Latest Update: Dec 9 2019

Here is what I currently have available for Ball Pythons.

The 2019 Ball Python birthing record is up to date. 2019 Birthing Record


3.1 Dreamsicle $3000/Male, $4000/Female

2.2 Lavender Het Pied $500/Male, $1000/Female

2.0 Banana Mahogany Pied Het Lavender $2000/Male
3.0 Pied Het Lavender $500/Male, $750/Female

1.0 Banana Mahogany Pied HRA $2000/Male

1.0 Banana Mahogany DH Lavender/Pied $1000/Male
0.1 Pin HRA DH Lavender/Pied $750/Female
0.2 HRA DH Lavender/Pied $350/Female
1.0 Banana Mahogany Het Pied $1000/Male

4.0 Bamboo Pied $1000/Male
0.1 Pastel Bamboo HRA Het Pied $500/Male, $850/Female
0.2 Pastel Bamboo Het Pied $500/Male, $750/Female
2.0 Bamboo HRA Het Pied $500/Male

1.1 Mimosa HRA Het Pied (White Snake) $350/Male, $500/Female

1.0 Super Pastel Puzzle PH Pied $4500/Male
1.0 Pastel Puzzle PH Pied $3500/Male
0.1 Puzzle PH Pied $5000/Female

1.1 Pastel HRA DH Puzzle/Pied $350/Male, $1500/Female
1.1 HRA DH Puzzle/Pied $250/Male, $1250/Female

2.0 Super Pastel DH Puzzle/Genetic Stripe $500/Male
0.1 Pastel DH Puzzle/Genetic Stripe $2000/Female (female only sold with a male)

1.0 POG HRA DH GS/Puzzle $1000/Male
2.0 Pastel HRA TH OG/GS/Puzzle $650/Male

1.0 SPOGL RA Het Puzzle $1500/Male
0.1 SPOG HRA Het Puzzle $1500/Female
0.1 Pastel HRA DH OG/Puzzle $750/Female

2.0 Pastel Phantom Het Puzzle $650/Male

1.0 Lesser Lavender PH Puzzle $2000/Male
1.0 Pastel Lavender PH Puzzle $2000/Male
1.0 Lavender PH Puzzle $1500/Male

1.0 Mahogany Het Lavender $250/Male

0.1 Orange Ghost Bamboo HRA $750/Female
0.1 Pastel Bamboo HRA PHOG $400/Female

1.0 Cyprus DH OG/GS $750/Male

2.0 Bongo DH OG/GS $500/Male
1.0 Bongo HOG $500/Male

2.0 Rio $750/Male

2.0 Pastel Arroyo YB $350/Male
1.1 Arroyo YB $250/Male, $350/Female

1.0 GHI Chocolate YB HRA $500/Male

1.0 Lesser GHI HRA YB $500/Male

1.0 Pinstripe GHI HRA HOG $500/Male
1.0 Pastel GHI HRA HOG $350/Male

1.1 Pastel GHI Het Albino $250/Male, $350/Female

1.0 Pastel GHI HRA HGS $500/Male

1.3 Pastel Lavender Genetic Stripe $750/Male, $1000/Female
1.3 Lavender Genetic Stripe $650/Male, $750/Female
0.2 Pastel Lavender Het Genetic Stripe $350/Male, $500/Female
0.2 Lavender Het Genetic Stripe $250/Male, $350/Female

1.0 Pastel Lesser Mahogany Sugar HRA HGS $750/Male

5.0 Pastel Candino $350/Male, $450/Female

1.0 Cyprus Het Candy $750/Male

5.0 Albino Phantom $250/Male, $350/Female
1.0 Albino Chocolate HRA $450/Male
0.2 Albino Chocolate $500/Female
3.4 Albino Mahogany $300/Male, $350/Female
1.1 Albino HRA $200/Male, $250/Female

0.1 Albino Puma $1500/Female
0.1 Albino Spark HRA $1000/Female
1.0 Pastel Albino YB $350/Male
5.3 Albino YB $250/Male, $350/Female

1.0 Pastel Ivory Het Albino $350/Male
1.0 Puma Het Albino $500/Male

0.1 Pastel Super Asphalt $4000/Female

1.0 Lemon Blast Asphalt PHOG $500/Male
0.2 Lesser Asphalt $450/Female
0.1 Pastel Asphalt PHOG $350/Female

1.0 Lemon Blast Gravel Het Orange Ghost PH Pied $650/Male
0.1 Lemon Blast Gravel HRA $500/Female
0.1 Super Pastel Gravel HRA $500/Female

1.0 Pastel Lesser Champagne Asphalt Spark $1250/Male
1.0 Pastel Champagne Asphalt Spark $1000/Male
1.0 Pastel Asphalt Spark $2000/Male
1.0 Asphalt Spark $1500/Male

1.0 Pastel Gravel Spark $2000/Male

0.1 Super Spark POG HRA (White Snake) $750/Female
0.2 Super Spark Pastel Het Genetic Stripe $750/Female

0.1 POG Spark HRA $350/Female

0.1 Super Pastel Red Axanthic Spark PHGS $500/Female

1.0 Gravel Pied PHOG $2000/male
1.0 POG Gravel PH Pied $500/Male

2.0 Pastel Super Phantom Het Orange Ghost $650/Male
1.0 Super Phantom HRA HOG $500/Male
2.0 Pastel Super Phantom $650/Male, $900/Female
2.2 Super Phantom HRA $500/Male, $750/Female
1.0 Super Phantom $400/Male

1.0 Lavender Phantom HRA $500/Male
1.0 Lavender Phantom $400/Male

1.0 Super Pastel Green Ghost Mahogany HRA $350/Male
0.1 Chocolate Green Ghost $250/Female

1.0 Super Chocolate Pin HRA PHOG $750/Male
1.0 Super Chocolate HRA $500/Male

1.0 Lemon Blast Orange Ghost Chocolate HRA $500/Male

1.0 Banana Suma HRA $1500/Male
3.0 Albino Suma $1500/Male
0.1 Suma Het Albino $1500/Female

1.0 Pastel Banana Mahogany YB $350/Male
1.0 Banana RA Mahogany $650/Male
1.0 Red Axanthic Mahogany $500/Male

1.0 Pastel Banana Mahogany YB $350/Male
0.1 Mahogany Pin HRA Spark $500/Female

1.0 LOG Mahogany RA $1000/Male
1.0 POG Mahogany RA $750/Male
1.0 LOG Mahogany HRA $500/Male
0.1 RA Mahogany HOG $750/Female

1.0 Pastel Cyprus Gravel or YB $750/Male

1.0 Lesser Onyx Green Ghost $500/Male

2.0 Lesser Banana Red Axanthic Genetic Stripe (RAGS) $400/Male
1.0 Banana Red Axanthic Genetic Stripe (RAGS) $350
1.1 Lesser RAGS $250/Male, $350/Female
0.2 RAGS $250/Female

0.1 Pied HOG $400/Male, $500/Female
0.1 Pastel Pied HRA $450/Male, $650/Female
0.0 Pastel Pied $450/Male, $650/Female
0.1 Pied HRA $500/Female
1.0 Pied $350/Male, $450/Female
1.0 Pastel Albino $250/Male
0.2 Albino $200/each
1.0 Pastel Highway $500/Male
1.0 POG Ivory $350/Male
1.0 GHI Spark $350/Male
1.0 GHI YB $350/Male
0.1 Red Axanthic Green Ghost $250/Female
0.2 Pastel Genetic Stripe Phantom $250/Female

1.2 Granite $250/Male, $350/Female

2018 Females

0.1 SPOG Champagne Puzzle $4000/Female

0.1 Pastel Gravel Het Pied $2000/Female

0.1 Mahogany Pied $3000/Female

0.1 Pastel Lavender Genetic Stripe $1000/Female

0.2 Banded HRA $250/Female

Breeder Size Males

POG Pied HRA 1/15 $1500
Pastel Bamboo HRA Het Pied 1/17 $650

Banana Mahogany Phantom HRA 1/18 $500

Pastel Asphalt Spark 1/18 $1500

Pastel Onyx DM Vanishing 1/18 $1000

Pastel Bamboo YB 1/18 $500

Pastel Bamboo HRA Het Green Ghost 3/18 $500

SPRA DM Vanishing Pattern 1/14 $1500

Breeder Size Females (Ready to ship once they have laid eggs)

Breeder Size Females (Ready to ship once they have laid eggs)

Pastel Lesser Het Puzzle 1/15 $3500
Super Pastel DH OG/Puzzle 2/17 $3500

0.1 Pastel Ivory $650
0.2 Pastel Puma $1250/each
0.2 Pied $1000/each
0.1 Sugar $650

Currently available Central American Boas


1.2 BlackBerry (Leopard Motley) $1500/Male, $1500/Female


1.0 BlackBerry (Leopard Motley) $1500/Male


0.1 Hypo Leopard PH T+ $750/each

Adult Males

Anery Het T+ 2/11 $50
T+ Super Motley 2/13 $100

Currently available Turtles

0.0.3 Three Stripe Mud Turtle (Kinosternon baurii) $250/Each

Payment plans available. Minimum $1000 deposit or 50% of order.

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